Meet Dee Tracy

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Welcome to My Cottage Blue!  I live in a quaint village in southern Indiana, in a small blue cottage that has the most lovely views.  My studio is tucked away in my home so I spend most of my time there, working in pencil, colored pencil or ink.  I work in fine art and graphic design. 

I left my job as a decorator and needed something creative to do from home.  My passion has grown into the job of my dreams!  I design invitations of all kinds, each one as unique as each of my clients.  I love the way my work is a tiny part of the special moments of others’ lives.  One of my favorite things is when I’m asked to include a custom illustration as part of the design.

My goal is to inspire creativity and to sell my designs to those who don’t wish to create invitations or illustrations themselves, but want to enjoy a custom style for their special events.

I hope you enjoy looking around and feel happy and inspired during your visit to  My Cottage Blue!


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