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Vintage Style Wedding Invitation

Walters Simpson Invitation


This sweet, vintage style invitation was so much fun to create!  The banner with birds and flowers was found at The Graphics Fairy  I love the grass green accent color mixed with black.  It’s interesting to see what colors are trending.  It’s also nice to work in colors that are not often used together.

I have to chuckle when I think back to what was popular when I got married.  My wedding colors were baby blue and white.  Even my groom was dressed in baby blue!  Wide brimmed garden hats were all the rage and I carried a boquet of daisys!  The church was beautiful but it was a hot August day and the church wasn’t air-conditioned.  The best part is that I’m still married to the great guy who met me at the altar!

Sometimes I wonder what style and colors I would choose if I were a blushing bride today.  Would I go with the current trend or choose something completely different than most?  I honestly don’t know!

What style and colors would you like in your dream wedding?  What kind of venue would you choose?

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Kentucky Derby Inspired Wedding

Server Bosse Invitation 12 16 100 4


The mother of the bride contacted me last Fall and asked if I would like to design Lesley and Patrick’s wedding invitation.  She said the ceremony would take place in Lexington, Kentucky and that it was to be an equestrian themed event.  I was thrilled because this was a unique design challenge for me.

After the first of the year, I was contacted with more specifics.  The bride and her mother spent countless hours scouring the internet.  That was a huge help for me because I had a much better idea of the direction they were most interested in.  I knew Lesley envisioned a pretty horseshoe surrounded by a lot of pattern, and with little negative space in the design.  I suggested that we incorporate some of her wedding flowers in the design, whether using royalty free clip art or I hand illustrated them.

I was elated to find a beautiful Spencerian horseshoe on The Graphics Fairy website  Karen has a lovely site full of vintage royalty free clip art.  After finding the horseshoe, which is the background of the design, I began working in Photoshop to remove the birds.

Spencerian Horseshoe

Next I decided on the fonts I would use.  I love to use Edwardian Script for formal invitations, which is a beautiful, delicate script.  I chose to mix it with Engravers MT, which has a more masculine Serif style with all caps.  I began placing the text and varying the font sizes until I liked the feel of the design.

I added a banner which was pretty decorative and later changed it to a more simple banner style.  The wedding date was placed inside the banner and curved slightly.


Back at The Graphics Fairy I searched for something to enhance the horseshoe.  I found a beautiful antique print ornament.  I cropped portions of it and added the remainder to the top of the horseshoe.

Antique Ornament

Lesley and I discussed specific flowers that she would be using in her wedding.  They consisted of hydrangea, roses and ranunculus.  I found beautiful images for the hydrangea and roses but was unable to find the ranunculus that worked.  I wanted to add some flower buds so I drew some ranunculus buds.  I added the flower buds inside the antique ornament and finished it off with some feminine flourishes.

Hydrangea Server Invitation

Lesley and her mother, Janice, had a specific gold that they loved.  We tried several hues and decided to color match another invitation.   We found the perfect gold and I made everything match the gold that they loved.  We were all pleased with the final look!

Would any of you like to see the rest of the wedding suite?  There are four other pieces that coordinate.  Please leave a comment and let me know if you have any questions and are interested in seeing the complete wedding suite!

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