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The Chocolate Extravaganza

The big event is finally here!  Tomorrow The Chocolate Extravaganza will be held at The Barn at Bay Horse Inn, Greenwood, Indiana.  The doors will open at 10:00 a.m. and close at 3:00 p.m.  There will be 38 vendors of various kinds and also a raffle that will include gift items from each vendor!

Here are a few of the items that I’ve been working on recently:

Colored Pencil/Ballpoint Pen Note Cards
Framed Vintage Illlustrations

Ballpoint Pen Illustrated Note Cards

Sorry that my pics are blurry!  I am packed up and hope to see you tomorrow!

Have you begun your Christmas shopping or are you all finished?  If you had to choose one gift, that you are most excited about giving, what would that gift be?

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Inky Blue Love

I’m Crushing on . . .

I’m sorry if I sound like I have a one-track mind, am a broken record or perhaps singing the same song, but right now that is absolutely true!  I am totally hung up on learning to illustrate in ballpoint pen.  It’s a whole new concept to me because I’ve never even been interested in drawing in marker or pen and ink.  I’ve always been a pencil or colored pencil kind of girl, and I consider myself pretty loyal.  But, this ink drawing has taken me by storm!

The Start of It All

It all began with my first Sketchbook Skool course at  The class I took was instructed by Andrea Joseph who began her blog back in 2006.  She started her blog because she wanted to draw and she knew her blog would give her a platform for her work and would also spur her on to draw more often.  She continued drawing in her sketchbooks and posting them online.  One day she decided to add some handwritten text to a Converse tennis shoe she had drawn.  Boom!  That sketchbook page went viral and now Andrea’s art is seen all over the world!  If you’d like to see her amazing work, check out her blog at  Prepare to be amazed!  She’s not only extremely talented but also very humble and a great teacher.

Giving it a Go

With all the new online artist friends I met during class, I decided I would try drawing in my sketchbook on a more regular basis.  I love learning something new and can’t wait to start another class one day.  So here’s to the beginning of a new sketchbook, new techniques and hours of pure, unadulterated pleasure!  If you could learn anything at all, what would you pursue?  Do you like watching online videos to learn or would you rather study from a book? Please leave me a comment and let me know!


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