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Lottie Lamb & Dottie Duck Illustrations

Hello, Friends! I’ve been absent for far too long and I’ve missed all of you!

I’ve been taking several online drawing classes. This time I’m getting instruction from   Have any of you taken classes on this site?  They have a variety of topics and classes are taught by professionals who work in the field that they teach.  Each class is broken down into small segments and you can watch them at your leisure.  You can even slow down or speed up the videos.  If you’d like feedback from your teacher or classmates, you can submit projects from your classwork homework.  It’s a great way to learn!

One of the classes I took was called Drawing Cuties in 3 simple Steps by Yasmina Creates.   It was such a fun class and really helped me loosen up a bit!  Here are three of my animal drawings:


I decided to use the lamb and duck prints, ribbon and clay molds.  I think they turned out pretty cute!

I think these would be so cute in a nursery!  I think I’ll continue working in this style from time to time.  Does anyone have any animal you’d like to see drawn like this?  I can think of several that would be darling drawn in this format.

Paper clay is another fun medium in which to work.  I just purchased the key hole molds and can’t wait to make more of them.  I love shadow boxes because you can include a custom piece of art along with some 3-dimensional pieces like vintage jewelry, buttons, and clay.

Another class I recently took was about drawing different styles of banners.  This was another Skillshare class and was taught by Peggy Dean.  I know that banners are a popular trend among people who use bullet journals.  I’m going to tell on myself about my bullet journal experience.  I was so excited to get started journaling that I purchased a brand new journal and decided that I would be perfect for using a bullet journal.  I couldn’t wait to start all the doodling and drawing neat banners.  I had each day pictured as a magnificent work of art.  Of course, I was only thinking of how much fun I would have making each page look cute and not thinking about the whole reason one uses such a journal!   My phone rang one day and I was mortified to realize that I had forgotten about my dentist appointment.  After realizing that I missed my 6-month check up with them, I felt my face flush as I realized that I had also missed a post-surgical appointment for my mom!  That was the end of my bullet journaling days.  However, I still love drawing banners and including them in my artwork!

That’s all for now.   I always love hearing from you so feel free to drop me a line!

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