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I’m Crushing on Foil!

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Do you ever find a project on Pinterest that you obsess about; something new and beautiful that you are dying to try?  I tend to have a one-track mind when I find a new art project or craft technique that I want to conquer.



Living away from stores and shopping doesn’t usually bother me.  That is, until I find something different that I want to dive into and then find I’m missing a major component to create said project.  This dilema leaves me with three solutions;  the first involves driving the winding roads to the next town, the second is shopping online and waiting for my package to arrive and the third is to sweet talk my husband into shopping for the supplies on his way home from work (insert wink)!

None of these options are ideal!  I try my best to come up “Plan B” so I can get my craft on!  The craft I’ve been crushing on is gold foil prints.  Love, love love!



Much to my dismay, I realized s much as I love my Canon Pixma Pro printer for printing my invitations and cards, it wasn’t going to work for this task.  I needed a laser printer that used toner and not ink.  The toner is  necessary to make the foil react and stick.  I couldn’t justify purchasing another printer and I was far too impatient to send my work to a print shop and wait on the laser prints.  Are you beginning to see that I donn’t possess the virtue of patience?

Because I was desperate, I decided an experiment was in order.  I rummaged through my art and craft supplies.  I had already purchased a roll of gold reactive foil and a toner pen.  I didn’t like the tip of the pen and found it clumsy to work with.  It also dried up when I tried to use it the second time.  Ugh!

I had to find something that would activate the foil to stick to the design.  I thought about the different glues I had in my arsenal.  I decided to try a glue by Aleene’s called TACK-IT Over & Over.  This glue remains sticky so I decided to give it a try.  Here’s what happened:



SNV30183 (2)




  1. I applied the glue lightly to a rubber stamp and then went over it gently with a paint brush to spread the glue evenly over the raised areas.
  2. Next I cut a piece of reactive foil just large enough to cover the area of the stamp and a bit beyond.
  3. I found the horizontal center of my card and placed the rubber stamp on my smooth cardstock.
  4. I pressed down softly on the stamp and then lifted it carefully.  There was a bit of resistance as I lifted the stamp, but I could see the glue was just where it was supposed to be (insert happy dance)!
  5. I placed the foil on top of the glue and gnetly smoothed over the image with my fingertips.  I could see the raised impression of the glue through the foil.
  6. Next I put the cardstock through my laminating machine on the 3 millimeter setting.
  7. Once the cardstock came through my machine, I carefullly peeled the foil away to find a beautiful, shiny gold image!
  8. On the cards below I added a strip of Scor-Tape near the bottom edge of the card.  I placed the tape and smoothed it on the cardstock.  I peeled back the top to expose the sticky top side of the tape.  I placed a sheet of foil over the tape and ran it though the laminating machine.  The foil strip added a nice finishing touch!

HINT:  To throughly clean your rubber stamp, soak a cloth in rubbing alcohol and rub vigorously over the stamp.  You may have to do this a couple of times to remove all the glue.

HINT:  I found the more detailed stamps worked better for me than the smooth stamps using this technique.

SNV30162             SNV30149SNV30184







What about you?  Hav you fallen in love with all the foil designs found around the interweb?  Do you have any hints about working with a toner pen or printed toner?  I’d love to hear from you and see your stunning designs!

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