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Letters from God


Hello my friends,

I hope your September is going well!  My hubby and I headed north for a few days.  It was so nice and relaxing and we enjoyed getting away together.  We went to Winona Lake and stayed near the water. Having grown up on a small lake, I realized how much I miss being on the water.  Second to water living, though, is being in the woods and that’s where we live.  I love being surrounded by all the trees, hills, and wildlife. Our trip was something I looked forward to after finishing up my last class.  I drew a lot while we were away and haven’t stopped since we got back home!

This drawing was my last class project.  We were supposed to combine several techniques we learned.  I found a quote on Pinterest that I loved.  My quote; “Pay attention to your dreams for they are your letters from God,” reminds me that it’s okay that I keep working toward my goals of creating.  Sometimes it feels like I’m just playing and not doing anything significant to help further God’s Kingdom.  I definitely make more money from designing invitations and I truly enjoy the creative side of graphic design.  My all-time favorite work is illustrating.  I love getting lost in a drawing and emerging much later, to realize that I had lost all track of time.  That kind of job opportunity doesn’t come as often as I’d like, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

So this assignment began with a quote and then along came the idea of God sending a letter, to one of His many children, via U.S. Airmail.  That’s the beauty of art.  It can be as realistic or contain as much fantasy as you’d like! Anyway, I’ve loved Psalm 37 for many years because it carried me through a terribly difficult time in my life. I decided to incorporate a verse from that Psalm and included it as the part of the letter peering up from the envelope.

I chose old skeleton keys because of their beauty and because of the old saying referencing the key to your heart.  I made them gold to bring out their lovely shape. The acorn was added because of the quote, “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.”  It helps me remember that our talents begin small but can grow in time.  This keeps me from wanting to give up.

I honestly don’t know why I decided to include scissors in my drawing.  And to make it even odder, after I drew them I had an appointment to get my hair cut.  During that appointment, I realized that I actually drew hair cutting shears!  By the time I realized my mistake, it was too late to do anything about it.  Oh well!

I really need your help!  My blog is new and it doesn’t have a lot of content on it yet.  But, I see daily that I have readers and I’m thrilled about that!  Several people that I know personally have tried to join my blog.  That just means that they will receive an email each time I publish a new post.  Several friends have let me know that they haven’t been getting my emails and the number of “followers” still shows four (4) at the bottom of my page.  That’s so embarrassing!  So if you’ve tried to sign up but aren’t receiving my emails (just one a week, I promise) please leave a comment and let me know.  I’d really appreciate it!   If I hear from you, I’ll email you back personally and will do everything I can to figure out why my blog is not accepting new followers.

As always, I appreciate each and every one of you who takes the time to read and comment on my drawings and stationery!

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Inky Blue Love

I’m Crushing on . . .

I’m sorry if I sound like I have a one-track mind, am a broken record or perhaps singing the same song, but right now that is absolutely true!  I am totally hung up on learning to illustrate in ballpoint pen.  It’s a whole new concept to me because I’ve never even been interested in drawing in marker or pen and ink.  I’ve always been a pencil or colored pencil kind of girl, and I consider myself pretty loyal.  But, this ink drawing has taken me by storm!

The Start of It All

It all began with my first Sketchbook Skool course at  The class I took was instructed by Andrea Joseph who began her blog back in 2006.  She started her blog because she wanted to draw and she knew her blog would give her a platform for her work and would also spur her on to draw more often.  She continued drawing in her sketchbooks and posting them online.  One day she decided to add some handwritten text to a Converse tennis shoe she had drawn.  Boom!  That sketchbook page went viral and now Andrea’s art is seen all over the world!  If you’d like to see her amazing work, check out her blog at  Prepare to be amazed!  She’s not only extremely talented but also very humble and a great teacher.

Giving it a Go

With all the new online artist friends I met during class, I decided I would try drawing in my sketchbook on a more regular basis.  I love learning something new and can’t wait to start another class one day.  So here’s to the beginning of a new sketchbook, new techniques and hours of pure, unadulterated pleasure!  If you could learn anything at all, what would you pursue?  Do you like watching online videos to learn or would you rather study from a book? Please leave me a comment and let me know!


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Class Projects from Sketchbook Skool Class

Hello friend!

I bet you thought I forgot to use my spell check based on the title!  Actually, this is the way skool is spelled in the UK where my online class is based.  My drawing class was so much fun and tomorrow is the last day (insert sad face). Here are a few of the exercises we practiced:




This one would be cute to incorporate into a teen girl or boys birthday or graduation invitation!



I think this would make adorable note cards!

Love Stationery


This one would be good to use for  Father’s Day or guys’ birthday party invitations!



This one actually made it into the online student union weekly newsletter!

I’d love to do this one for a baby girl birth announcement or even make some wall art in a girl’s bedroom, spelling out her name.



I’m ready to begin putting some of these techniques into practice!  Do you have any upcoming events that you need invitations made to suit your special day?  Please leave a comment and give me your ideas and feedback!

Happy Labor Day!